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Say hello to The Funky Apple 3.0

by Nigel Chiwaya April 9, 2012
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The piles of emails in our inbox suggests that everyone noticed we were down for the weekend. That’s because we were busy working on our new redesign, squashing bugs and generally making things look nice around here. The result of our hard work: The Funky Apple version 3.0.

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TFA turns 2 today

by Nigel Chiwaya January 25, 2012
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Two years ago today The Funky Apple went live, poking fun at Hiram Monserrate and panicking that 90s fashion was coming back in style. (Here’s the full recap of the first day’s posts.) We like to think we’ve matured around these parts in the two years that have followed (there’s certainly less swearing), but either way it’s still been an incredible ride.

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TFA’s on Google Currents

by Nigel Chiwaya January 10, 2012

We know you love The Funky Apple, but sometimes don’t you wish it just was a bit more…magaziney? Well, wish no longer, because we’ve just launched our brand-spankin’ new Google Currents edition.

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And now back to your regularly scheduled programming

by Nigel Chiwaya August 1, 2011

photo via Eva Abreu on Flickr So it couldn’t be avoided; after traveling around almost 25% of the country, driving up mountains and through tornadoes, seeing actual stars, finally learning to swim and coming very close to punching an Atlantic City seagull, I’ve finally returned to smelly, noisy ol’ New York City. So what did […]

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Peace out, beeches

by Nigel Chiwaya July 20, 2011

It’s late July. And while that means nothing to most people, for me it’s a chance to escape the confines of this wonderful and dirty city. So peace out, New York; I’m going on vacation for the rest of the month. Obviously that means things around here will slow down, but Tim will still be […]

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Oh snaps, you can now subscribe to TFA via email

by Nigel Chiwaya May 17, 2011

So hey, I finally got off my butt and flipped the email subscription switch. This means that you can get the days TFA posts sent to your inbox every day. It’s super easy, yo. All you have to do is click the sign up link down below (or over to the right) and enter in your email address. That’s all. From then out you’ll get an email with the day’s posts sent to you around 11am each morning.

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