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That Long Island Bus experiment isn’t going very well

by Nigel Chiwaya March 28, 2012

Here’s a story we never saw coming. NICE Bus, Nassau County’s spit-and-duct-tape replacement for the Long Island Bus, is facing a budget gap and wants to implement service cuts. And the cuts are steep, Newsday (paywall hidden) reports that the Veolia, the company that runs NICE, wants to reduce service by more than 20 percent on some lines.

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(Video) Dude in Philadelphia uses cell phone jammer to end your phone calls

by Nigel Chiwaya March 2, 2012
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So this isn’t a story that has anything to do with New York, but we’re sure that many New Yorkers can relate to it: there’s a guy in Philadelphia who hates it when people talk on their cellphones while on the bus. He hates it so much that he’ll put an end your call himself using a cell phone jammer. Yup, that’s right, an honest-to-goodness cellphone jammer. (Guess they’re not just the stuff of 24.)

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Absolutely no one wants to watch the New Jersey Nets

by Nigel Chiwaya February 29, 2012
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Now that Linsanity has taken hold in New York it’s pretty damn expensive to get your hands on Knicks tickets. This means that a whole bunch of people that want to watch basketball games in person are priced out. But you know what what they’re not doing? Watch the Nets. No one wants to watch that team. Don’t believe me? Let’s check out ticket prices.

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Long Island Bus is dead, its replacement is NICE

by Nigel Chiwaya January 5, 2012

You might not remember it, but back in April the MTA voted to terminate their bus service contract with Nassau County, eliminating the Long Island Bus service come January 1. Well, the new year has arrived and ding dong, Long Island Bus is dead. Of course, county executive Ed Mangano knows he can’t leave 100,000 daily bus riders stranded and hope to continue his political career, so Nassau has teamed up with Veolia Transportation to create a replacement: NICE.

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I want to take Yale’s New York Nightlife course

by Nigel Chiwaya November 30, 2011

The course, called “Dance Music and Nightlife Culture in New York,” seeks to answer the question: “why do we go out at night?”

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(Video) DC bus driver throws passenger out. Literally

by Nigel Chiwaya September 8, 2011

My general rule is that New York City bus drivers are mean, mean soulless people who will yell at old ladies and slam the door on you when you’re running full speed in the rain to catch it. That said, they’ve got to be nicer than DC bus drivers, who will quite literally throw you off the bus. See for yourself after the break.

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