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Stupid study says mothers that breastfeed are stupid

by Nigel Chiwaya April 27, 2011

Wanna hear a stupid conclusion? Some people think that breastfeeding mothers are stupid and won’t get jobs.

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All of New York City would have to be abandoned if a Fukushima-type disaster were to happen here

by Nigel Chiwaya April 13, 2011

You see the frightening image above? It shows exactly how screwed we’d be if a Fukushima-type disaster ever happened at any of the area nuclear power facilities. Each of the green circles represents an evacuation area, with the light green representing an area of 80 kilometers (50 miles). Since both the Indian Point Nuclear facility and the Oyster Creek plant are so stupidly close to the city, all of New York City would have to be abandoned,with most of Long Island getting in only if the Milestone plant in Connecticut were to have a disaster.

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New chart ranks world’s countries by average penis size

by Nigel Chiwaya March 31, 2011

America may be a superpower and we may have created the iPad, but when it comes to…ahem, other aspects, US men just don’t…erm…measure up.

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What to do when you a lose a body part

by Nigel Chiwaya September 23, 2010

Quickly: You’re walking down the street listening to your iPod when, suddenly, your arm falls off, your tooth falls out, and your eyeball pops out of it’s socket. What do you?

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We’re doomed: this was the hottest June ever

by Nigel Chiwaya July 20, 2010

Temps around the planet reached an average of 61.1 degrees, up from the 20th century’s average of 59.9.

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Uh Oh, The Scientists are turning on Gravity

by Nigel Chiwaya July 15, 2010

Oh scientists, when will you stop messing with us? First you tell us Pluto’s a planet, then you tell us it’s not. Now this?

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