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Winston Churchill’s mom was a freaking hipster

by Nigel Chiwaya August 19, 2011

Just kidding! But she was from Brooklyn.

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Public Plazas are New York’s great bribe

by Nigel Chiwaya July 13, 2011
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Man, there sure are a lot of those public spaces, with their well-lit waterfalls and fancy trees. How come they’re there anyway? Why not just bulldoze them and put in a Century 21? Well it turns out that in the development world, public plazas are the equivalent of (legal) bribe money.

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Before the World Trade Center, there was Radio Row

by Nigel Chiwaya May 2, 2011
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Ironically enough, yesterday I made my first visit to the World Trade Center in about two and a half years. Of course, later that night President Obama would announce that Osama Bin Laden had been killed and Ground Zero would get a metric ton more visitors. But while I was there Sunday afternoon, I happened to wonder what was the area before it was a construction site, a hole in the ground, a mass graveyard, and the World Trade Center?

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This video of the Times Square Subway station is as old as I am

by Nigel Chiwaya March 30, 2011

This video of the Times Square Subway system was shot in June 1986. I was born in June 1986. The owner just uploaded it to YouTube yesterday. Take a look at how graffiti-covered the subway cars are. It’s disgusting. Kinda reminds you that New York was a seedy, seedy place in the 80s.

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North Brother Island is a spooky, abandoned Island in New York City

by Nigel Chiwaya January 21, 2011

We’re willing to bet that you already ready knew that New York City was made up of a bunch of Islands (Manhattan, Long Island, Staten Island, Rikers Island, Governor’s Island, City Island, Roosevelt Island, etc.) but we’re also willing to be that you’ve never heard of North Brother Island. That’s cool, neither had we. But man, is it spooky.

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Happy five-year subway strike anniversary!

by Nigel Chiwaya December 24, 2010

Do you remember the long ago time of 2005? George W. Bush had beaten John Kerry the year before, Mike Bloomberg had just won reelection, and the MTA was shut down by a crippling strike.

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