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Would you order from a Burger King food truck?

by Nigel Chiwaya on April 6, 2012

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We doubt anyone noticed, but years of creepy advertising caught up with Burger King last month as Wendy’s surpassed BK as the second largest greasy burger joint in the country. (With expensive Five Guys growing quickly and moving up the chain.) BK is unhappy about this, so they’ve pulled out some gonzo moves in recent weeks, like making ads where David Beckham and Mary J. Blige promote everything except burgers.

Perhaps the strangest move of all is BK’s plan to start rolling out food trucks. Yep, BK’s going the route of Korilla and Kimchi Taco and going mobile in 40 cities starting April 18. Now, this move kinda makes sense in that people lose their minds and line up for just about any food truck out there, but at the same time…it’s Burger King…it’s a food of last resort, not the stuff delicious lunches are made of.

Anyway, if you’re one of the few people that would actually welcome a rolling burgermobile you’re probably going to be sad to hear that the City Council wants no part of it. The Daily News reports that four council members– speaker Christine Quinn of Manhattan, Diana Reyna of Brooklyn, Leroy Comrie of Queens and Maria del Carmen Arroyo of the Bronx – are absolutely opposed to BK serving up heart attacks on city streets.

“Doling out unhealthy food on city streets simply to drum up business will do more harm than good — and we won’t let it happen here,” the pols said in a letter to Burger King execs. Of course, BK hasn’t chosen where they’ll start sending trucks, but our money is that they’ll follow the KFC Double Down launch and roll them out in small cities. That means look out, Kansas City, a creepy mobile king is coming your way.

photo via  Håkan Dahlström

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