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Say hello to The Funky Apple 3.0

by Nigel Chiwaya on April 9, 2012

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The piles of emails in our inbox suggests that everyone noticed we were down for the weekend. That’s because we were busy working on our new redesign, squashing bugs and generally making things look nice around here. The result of our hard work: The Funky Apple version 3.0.

What’s new?

Not as much as last time. Whereas last year’s update was about creating a TFA “look” and adding new features, this year’s update is more about updating the reading experience. To that end the big change is that we’ve got some new fonts (thank you Typekit!) that are bigger and easier to read. We’ve also tried to make it easier to see what’s new on the site, as the homepage has been streamlined, the events calendar has been moved up and the three featured posts now show up on individual stories.

Great. Are you done now?

Yes and no. There will be a few more changes over the next few weeks (including a better way to submit your own posts- believe me, we’ve heard you.) But for the most part there shouldn’t be any more down time.

This sucks, I hate it. Go back to the old look!

No. The old look is dead and gone. But if you need your vintage fix, here’s a link to what TFA looked like when it launched back in 2010. What a difference two years make.

The site keeps glitching on me! What the hell man?

With any redesign there are going to be some bugs. If you spot some, take a deep breath and shoot us an email at


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