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No Gossip Girl for DirecTV subscribers: WPIX is blacked out

by Nigel Chiwaya on April 2, 2012

Remember that epic MSG-Time Warner scuffle from a few months ago that annoyed virtually every New Yorker around? Well, this isn’t it. The Post reports that WPIX 11 is down for DirecTV subscribers. WPIX is New York’s station for the CW, which carries such hit shows as Gossip Girl and..uhm…that show with the vampires that isn’t True Blood? WPIX also carries Mets games, but we’re not sure that Mets fans will really mind missing those games this year.

If this sounds like a huge loss for you, you’re probably not affected. DirecTV only has about 370 thousand subscribers in the tri-state area (which pales in comparison to Time Warner’s 2.8 million.) And since PIX is a broadcast station, if you REALLY need to watch some Supernatural you could just unplug the satellite dish and plug in an old-fashioned TV antenna. Oh, the problems of the first world…

photo via fotoeins

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