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(Scam alert) Craigslist ad will pay you to post fake Yelp reviews

by Nigel Chiwaya on January 19, 2012

Smart Yelpers know to take reviews on the site with a grain of salt. This Craigslist just proves it. In it, some jerkface company is offering to pay some jerkfaces to post phony positive reviews to several (probably weak-sauce) restaurants. This of course is big problem for Yelp, one that they’ve been dealing with for years.

Our take? We suggest someone applies, finds the name of the company running the scam and the restaurants willing to pay for it, and then we publicly shame them here. Who’s in?

Source: Are you kidding? We’re not linking.

  • asshat

    where does it say anywhere that they tell you what to write?

    • Nigel Chiwaya

      Are you saying that a company will pay you $20 to slam their business on Yelp?

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  • Whistle Blower

    Yelp is a deceptive and unscrupulous site that extorts businesses by forcing them to advertise with them. They show the reviews of your business, and at the same time they show your main competitors below your  ad – that is extortion!!!!!   That is like the mafia getting money for protection.

    The only way to get rid of your main competitors ads next to yours is by subscribing to Yelp …What a rip-off!

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