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Did you know you can combine Metrocard balances?

by Nigel Chiwaya on January 26, 2012

If you’re a New Yorker odds are you’ve had to deal with per-ride Metrocards. And no matter how much Metrocard math you do at some point you’ve probably been left with a card with an absurd balance of 65 cents, right? Hell, if you’re like most of us, you probably have a whole wallet full of strange-balance Metrocards. Well here’s a tip: did you know that you can combine all of those metrocard balances onto one card? All you have to do is walk up to the station agent and ask them.

Where it gets even wilder is when you start picking up Metrocards that other people have tossed aside and combing those to your balance. This is a perfectly legal practice, it’s pretty much the subway equivalent of finding a penny on the sidewalk.

Now, my subway-faring-friends, go forth, find discarded Metrocards and never pay for a ride again!

Photo: Pink Moose

  • Shanae

    You can only do that with four or five cards at a time.

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  • Littlerichiejr

    After the 2013 fare hike & $ 1 new Metrocard fee there will be much fewer Metrocards on the ground in the subway.

    • Chicken Underwear

      Yea, there will be very few $1.70 cards and smaller.  But in December I fond a monthly with 30 days left on it and a card with $45 and one with more than $20.  There will always be careless people.

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