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New York’s college dorms are the most expensive in the country

by Nigel Chiwaya on December 28, 2011

Well would you look at that: while New York’s rents aren’t as high as everyone thinks they are, the price of room and board for college students is certainly insane. Last week Yahoo Real Estate listed the 10 most expensive college dorms in the United States and the Big Apple home to seven of them. Big schools like Fordham, NYU and St. John’s all made the list, but so did tiny Marymount Manhattan College. Shockingly, the New School took the cake for the most expensive dorm in the country, with room and board clocking in at $18,080 per year.

Of course, methinks this list is incomplete, as my alma mater, NYIT isn’t included on the list, and the $15,922 you’d pay to live in a large single room would put it squarely at number 2 on the list. Still the point is clear: land in New York costs a grip.

Source: Yahoo, Photo via Eden Pictures on Flickr

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