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Video of three-way street intersection shows pedestrians, drivers and cyclists are all dangerous idiots

by Nigel Chiwaya on June 9, 2011

We once said that the reason traveling in New York City sucks is because no one wants to yield; from pedestrians to cyclists to drivers. Well while we can’t paint a moving picture with our words, someone else managed to actually prove our theory in video.

Ron Gabriel set up a camera above a three-way intersection in Manhattan to document the crazy. What’d the camera catch? Cyclists blowing through red lights and almost hitting cars and pedestrians, cars barreling through crosswalks and almost hitting pedestrians and cyclists, and pedestrians jaywalking and almost dying via car or bike.

It’s sad proof that everyone in this city is stupid and impatient, and you should check it out after the break. [Vimeo via HuffPo]

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