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Nightmare stuff: Giant Bed Bug Invades Times Square Sunday

by Nigel Chiwaya on May 28, 2011

So hey, you know how New York has a metric shit ton of bed bugs, right? Seriously, you can pick them up anywhere: courts, that dresser you’re eyeing on the street, they’re as plentiful as panhandlers. So what does the city with a gazillion bed bugs need? Why, a life-sized bed bug, of course! And one with a bag that fills up with real blood and turns brown.

If you’re in Manhattan tomorrow, make sure you head on over to Times Square at around 3pm when Hot Shot’s Bed Bug Man will be patrolling the island at 44th street between 7th and 8th aves. We’re not exactly sure what he’ll be doing, but we imagine it’ll involve sucking blood and scaring the living bejeesus out of little children. Bonus video of the bag filling with blood below!

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