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Park Slope residents petition to get club to stop playing Hip-Hop

by Nigel Chiwaya on March 2, 2011

Man, I didn’t know that it was crap on hip-hop week! If I’d known that I would’ve brought my crappy shoes!

Prime 6 is a new club in Park Slope. It plays hip-hop. Apparently the local community doesn’t like that because, you know, hip-hop is destroying our kids and stuff. But rather than walk the picket line and look kinda racist, the residents have begun circulating a petition asking the club’s owners to support safer indie music instead.

It’s not “racist” to equate hip-hop with an elevated crime rate vis a vi other types of musical genres – It’s just a statistical fact that crime is more likely to occur among urban audiences than among audiences of other demographics. R&B and rap happen to be my two favorite types of music, but no one (especially my African American friends and colleagues) would seriously deny that hip-hop’s violent history tragically precedes it.

The argument is that indie music will actually make the club more money, as it will embrace the local community. The irony of this is that by circulation the petition, Prime 6 is probably going to get more support for it’s current music choices. Can’t win them all.

Source: Fucked In Park Slope (they’re a lot less nice with their recap)

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