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Oh snaps, Bill Clinton’s leaving Harlem

by Nigel Chiwaya on March 24, 2011

I guess not even former President Clinton could stand the reservation wait list at Red Rooster, because Bubba is packing up his stuff and moving out of the area. Clinton, who has had an office on 125th street and Adam Clayton Powell in Harlem for over 10 years, is moving most of the William J Clinton Foundation to Water Street in the Financial District. Yup, Bubba’s leaving the upper-upper west side for down-down town.

As Clinton gets ready to leave, it seems most of the area’s residents, who held a huge party when he arrived, don’t really care. As one person told the Daily News:

“It don’t faze me; I never saw him,” said lifelong Harlem resident and Clinton supporter Susan Chaplain.

“When he was here what did he do for us? Nothing,” she said as she stood on Lenox Ave., not far from Clinton’s offices. “He never did nothing while he was here. What difference does it make?”

That’s not really true; he did help drive up rent prices! Besides, chill out Harlem. We know you’re sad about Bubba leaving, but you’ve still got David “Kinda Lazy” Paterson, Charlie “You’re Bad” Rangel and Reverend “Crazy Birther” Manning.

Source: Daily News

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