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Mind the Gap: M train doors open before car reaches platform

by Nigel Chiwaya on March 10, 2011

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Did you ever play lemmings? You know, the game where tons of little lemmings march onward, blissfully unaware of their surrounds until they fall off a cliff to their doom? That’s what this story reminds me of.

On Monday four people were almost killed when they rushed to exit an M train at Marcy Avenue. The only problem was that the train hadn’t reached the platform. The doors had opened, but they had opened to hell (or certain death, or lawsuits, or however else you’d like to put it.)

Quoth NY1

“They were rushing off and thank god the first passenger that was getting off was able to realize before falling down that there was no platform so he held on and the three people behind him pretty much stopped short, which kind of like saved their lives,” said M train passenger Maryanne Lebron.

For it’s part the MTA is saying that it’s investigating the incident. Of course, if someone had been leaning on the car doors, we’d be talking about an entirely different story. Still people, WATCH where you’re going when you exit the train.

Source: NY1

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