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Melt Bakery will deliver alcoholic ice cream sandwiches to your door

by Nigel Chiwaya on December 23, 2010

Are you an alcoholic? Are you also afraid of social interaction, sunlight and moonlight? Well, put down your vodka turkey and turn your attention to this: an ice cream sandwich made of frozen Guinness and peanut cookies.

This mind numbing creation comes from Melt Bakery. They’ve got an entire menu of options, from the Grog (eggnogg ice cream and nutmeg cookies) to the Jack (pumpkin pie and molasses).

Things get super fun when you order off menu. Yep, you can combine any ice cream with any cookie, so it’s totally possible to get that raspberry ice cream and curried coconut cookie sandwich you’ve been dreaming of. Even better, Melt delivers 24 hours a day. No phone numbers though: you’ve got to email them at

Right now due to insane demand they’re enforcing a 12 sandwich at $5/sandwich minimum, but we imagine things will calm down once demand goes down. Either way, we’re looking forward to trying that Guinness ice cream sandwich (don’t judge us, we’ve have a rough week here).

Source: UrbanDaddy

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